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May 23, 2020 2 min read

Life is a precious gift, but not one that comes without ups and downs and moments of challenge.  A balanced life is not one devoid of struggle.  Rather, it involves mastering the ability to rise above the tides and keep our feet on the ground when the road gets rough.

There are many easy and universally recognized ways to calm the mind and relax the spirit.  As simplistic as some may seem on the surface, it is the very power of their lack of complication that allows them to work their magic.  

Perhaps the quickest strategy is DEEP BREATHING.  It is the most widely recognized and effective technique for disabling anxiety and anger more readily than any pill.  Just by taking a few deep breaths, a calming message is sent to your central nervous system, slowing your heart rate and bringing you back to a more relaxed state.  If you have trouble self-directing your own deep breathing, join a yoga class OR take up meditation.  This tried and true method will not fail to deliver.

JOURNALING is another means of lightening the load.  The beauty of writing to and for yourself is that you do not need to be particularly eloquent or articulate.  You need not be a master of your own language.  You can simply allow your thoughts flow and vent in any way that you see fit with zero worry about whether your words are brilliantly written.  The sole purpose of the form of relaxation is to allow a healthy channel for you to release what is weighing on you.  JOURNALING will allow you to put down a heavy weight and let it go.

MUSIC is believed to be the perfect companion and mood enhancer.  Moreover, studies have clearly demonstrated that music leads to a calming impact on the body and mind.  It can lighten the spirit and enervate the soul.  It is a powerful tool in the quest for balance and calm.

AROMATHERAPY is one of the most trusted techniques to enhance peace and a sense of calm.  By keeping health conscious soy candles on hand, you can ensure that your home can be your sanctuary.  Different essential oils and scents yield powerful benefits.  Select those scents which you most prefer and bring your senses back into balance.  SOLEYNE CANDLES & OIL DIFFUSERS take this to a whole new level with words of support and reminders of what is significant in our lives.

EXERCISE is a fabulous means of eliminating toxins and taking in fresh air.  As you exercise, your body release endorphins which in turn, release positive effects.  Whether your pleasure is a brisk walk or stretching in the sunlight, incorporate exercise into your routine for anxiety release and an overall calm.

These simple remedies will help you or anyone you care about to take control of a tough situation and bend without breaking..........

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