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Illuminations Silence and Stillness in Matte White

 "Let silence and stillness be the compass that leads you to the divine shores of peace and illumination"


Enjoy every moment and let your mind & body be calm!!  SOLEYNE'S ILLUMINATION COLLECTION will help inspire and uplift with our artfully curated words of timeless wisdom.

These aromatherapy candles are made with premium quality, 100%non-toxic soy wax and cotton wicks. They contain no phthalates, dangerous dyes or lead. The naturalscents will delight your senses without overpowering them in a safe and holistic manner.

  • 50-Hour Burn Time
  • Premium Luxury Gift Box with Ribbon Included
  • 100% Non-Toxic with Cotton Wick
  • No Phthalates, Dyes or Lead
  • Naturally Scented with Essential Oils
  • No trademark or logo on glass allowing item to be re-purposed after burn time
  • Perfect gift for every occasion

Creatively designed in Naples, Florida, these soy candles combine a classic yet modern style, including a matte glass jar which can easily be repurposed with hand washing after the burn time. With an elegant gift box and clean, no-logo design, these candles will surely impress anyone!