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Our Story

...Otherwise titled, “It Started with a Simple Note”


We all have moments in our day to day living when we could use an affirmation of sorts...something to remind us that we our loved, to shore us up through moments of struggle or even perhaps to gently point something out of significance. Sometimes we need to be the ones to provide those affirmations to the people we care for and about and sometimes we need to receive them.


Most people think they have to be an eloquent speaker and that these words need to be complex and difficult to put together in order to properly articulate what we are feeling in our heart and in our mind. Not so! Sometimes the simplest of expressions can be just enough to relay the sentiments that you are wanting to share to your friend, your significant other, or that special someone in your life.


I have been on my own with my daughter Sydnee Paige since 2009. She is now 18. It is usually thought that the parent is normally the cheerleader for their child and not the inverse. But my daughter has never failed to let me know that hope and inspiration are ever present. She has been an incredible support for me in a way I would never have anticipated. I of course do the same for her as her mom, but that is a given for most of us.



To get to the heart of this story, I have been an interior designer for 20+ years, both in Southwest, Florida as well as in New York. As a single mom without family living anywhere close to me since 2009, sometimes life can be trying when everything begins and ends with you.


In June of 2019, I was going through what amounted to a very troubling time...worrying about this and stressing about that. One night, I went to bed early due to the lot of it and it will suffice to say that Sydnee was keenly aware of the weight I was carrying at that moment.


The following morning, waking up in the very same unsettled mood, I walked to my home home to find a note taped to my wall as seen above. With no exaggeration, I literally teared up. Thirteen simple words and one little symbol and my entire mindset changed to one of positivity in an instant. Her note made me feel hopeful and inspired. Her words reminded me that I am loved by someone that I love equally (or more!!).


As I sipped my coffee at my desk that morning, I thought to myself how it would be so wonderful to do the same for my friends as my daughter had done for me. I thought how other people would also want to be able to do this as well.


And thus,  SOLEYNE  was inspired! Where better to share curated sentiments than on a beautiful candle.  SOLEYNE  candles can provide affirmations of love, inspiration and even humor.  SOLEYNE  can allow you to share just the right words at the right time. We are a newcomer to the retail world and will be adding new items to our collection every few weeks so to have just the perfect choice to meet your needs.


Please always remember that words do not have to be complicated for you to be that person for someone else. Let us at  SOLEYNE  help you to have that perfect something to say for someone you care about.


THANKING YOU WITH KINDNESS for reading our story!


Susan & Sydnee Paige